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Yuri is a young feminine girl who is partners with Kei in the Lovely Angels. She is one of the main protagonists of Dirty Pair along with Kei. She's often wearing a golden-yellow uniform. Often uses non-gun weaponry such as energy whips. While the more feminine of the two, she is known to become very violent when crossed.


Yuri is the least outward of the Dirty Pair, though she still is enraged when referred to by that name. Yuri displays more girlish attitude than Kei, wearing dresses and spending more time with her makeup and beauty creams. Yuri is a crack shot and also quite skilled in unarmed combat. Yuri is not seen dating as much as Kei, though she did have a childhood sweetheart, named Billy Galet. Yuri frequently reads the gossip magazines, and shares a different taste in music than Kei.


Pre-3WA CareerEdit

When she was seven years old, her childhood friend Billy Galet promised Yuri that he would travel across the stars with her once he finished building his ship.

TV SeriesEdit

In the Dirty Pair TV Series Yuri is one of the two main characters. Kei and Yuri go through various adventures capturing criminals and solving cases.

Affair of NolandiaEdit

Project EdenEdit

The Dirty Pair investigate the theft of a precious metal, involving a dashing thief, and attacks on refineries producing the same metal by terrifying monsters. The two cases turn out to be connected, the link a mad scientist, Dr. Wattsman, who hopes to bring about the evolution of a new species of life.

OVA SeriesEdit

Follows the Dirty Pair as they find themselves involved in adventures ranging from Prison riots to Interstellar trucking.

Flight 005 ConspiracyEdit

When a Trans-Galatic Flight is destroyed on a routine flight Kei and Yuri are called in  it is found that there have been no claims  have been filed from any of the 300 passengers on the flight.  The conspiracy also involves a missing scientist and his family. Kei and Yuri  find themselves on a collision course involving the future of 3 worlds.

Voice Actors Edit


  • Yuri's favorite color is lime green.

Image GalleryEdit

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