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The Chase Smells Like Cheesecake and Death
Malatesta Info
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Japanese Title 追跡はチーズケーキと 死のにおい
Romaji Title Tsuiseki wa chīzukēki to shi no nioi
Air Date 1985-08-05
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Pursuit Has the Smell of Cheesecake and Death (追跡はチーズケーキと 死のにおい?) is the fourth episode of Dirty Pair.


Guillaume de Malatesta XIII is a cat, a pedigreed Persian. This feline is the subject of a highly successful top-secret government experiment involving heightened strength and perception, and has an almost unnatural appetite for cheesecake. As our story opens the creature has just escaped from its lab holding cell. A fat reward is offered for its return. Enter Kei and Yuri. Enter the syndicate. Finally, enter Lan and Jerry, known as "The Elegants", two classy pro female wrestlers who presumably moonlight for the government on occasion. A hectic scramble ensues as they all search for the spoiled super-cat.


Act OneEdit

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