Runaway Angel
Dirty Pair Flash - Ep26:46

Dirty Pair Flash - Ep. 01 (S) Runaway Angel

Episode 1
Japanese Title ランナウェイ・エンゼル
Romaji Title Ran'nau~ei enzeru
Air Date January 21, 1994
Writer Tsukasa Sunaga
Director Tsukasa Sunaga
Episode Guide
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Darkside Angle
Runaway Angel (ランナウェイ・エンゼル Ran'nau~ei enzeru?) is the first episode of Dirty Pair Flash.


Yuri is in town, all dressed up for a date, when a dying agent from the 3WA (World, Welfare, and Works Agency) hands her a special card to give to headquarters. Yuri is reluctant to take it until some guys in blue uniforms arrive and chase her down. She passes the card to her reluctant partner Kei, but somehow the blue uniform guys grab it. Kei and Yuri go after the guys, but also have to evade them when the girls secure the card, and they end up having to go through some bad sections of town, leaving a wake of destruction along the way.[1]






  1. Limitless Answer (Opening)


  1. Dirty Pair Flash, Seasons 1-3 on iTunes

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