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Prison Uprising. We Hate People With Grudges!
Title Card DP2-1
Episode 1
Japanese Title 囚人達の困った反乱 根に持つ人って大嫌い!
Romaji Title Shūjin-tachi no komatta hanran nenimotsu hito tte daikirai!
Air Date December 21, 1987
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Prison Uprising We Hate People With Grudges! ((しゅ)(じん)(たち)(こま)った(はん)(らん) ()()(ひと)って(だい)(きら)い!?) is the first episode of the Dirty Pair OVA. It was first released on December 21, 1987 alongside the second episode No Thanks! No Need For a Halloween Party.


The Lovely Angels' latest mission has them rushing off to Karosu Prison, a heavily armed fortress floating atop a blazing star. Seems the prisoners have all decided to riot, killing most of the guards in the process. The Marines are about to storm in and stop the uprising, but someone needs to retrieve the warden before he gets killed in the crossfire. That kind of mission takes a delicate touch, and Kei and Yuri are just the ladies for the job![1]

Plot Edit

Act One Edit

At the heavily-guarded Karosu Prison, the inmates are banging trays and cups against the bars of their cells. One inmate is setting up a device, a second inmate tells him the warden is coming. A third inmate opposite the the first two plays with a yo-yo, waiting for the warden and his two guards to walk by, the third inmate then swings it such that it wraps around the opposite cell's bar, in line with the feet of the warden. The guard to the right of the warden is about the shoot the third inmate who spits at them, meanwhile the first and second inmates connect the device to the wire of the yo-yo. In doing so, the warden is electrocuted when the guard holding the gun fires it at the cells. The second inmate takes a remote control that controls the cell doors from the unconscious warden's pocket. He opens all of the doors to set free all of the inmates who begin to attack the guards. The third inmate laughs as he kills a guard.

At the 3WA, Kei complains to Gooley Andrew Francess about the fact that she absolutely has to make her reports in writing. Gooley says its her own fault for letting it pile up. Meanwhile, Yuri is in Dr. Q's laboratory. She picks up a pink cylinder which turns into three robots. Allen brings in three mugs of tea and explains to Yuri that they are just scout robots. Dr. Q who wonders if the last invention he gave her blew up a building with a single shot but instead it blew Yuri away when she pulled the trigger. Dr. Q has a ring for her that it his most powerful beam weapon yet, capable of cutting through a steel wall 2 meters thick. An announcement is made, telling Yuri to come to Gooley's office.

Sometime later, with its impulse engines on, The Love Angel heads to Karosu prison, the. Yuri strokes Mughi's back while Kei briefs her on the mission


Characters Edit

Mechanic Edit

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Music Edit

  1. By Yourself (OP)


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