Nova Grave

Nova Grave

Nova Grave is a member of the World Welfare Works Association who is an expert on corporate crimes and is a senior to the Lovely Angels. Making his appearance in "Do Lovely Angels Like Chest Hairs?", he was put to lead a mission with the Lovely Angels regarding accidents that were happening with the Cosmo Plane Service's luxury space voyage's. Going on board and investigating the Tenan Spacecraft I's cruise, Grave became an annoyance to the pair (mostly Kei during the mission and making them do there mission more cautiously. After being injured and having Yuri land the ship protecting the passengers and not crashing into Dolmedo City while Kei stops the bomb that was planted, the pair then gains respect for him and they both give him a kiss on the check while he was recovering in the hospital. A running theme was that Kei was wondering if he had chest hairs because she dislikes men with chest hairs and assumed he had them because she was annoyed with him at first but then impresses both of the ladies at the end as he shows that he doesn't have them. He seems to also read Play House magazine. He is voiced by Banjo Ginga.

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