Lots of Danger, Lots of Decoys
Episode 6
Japanese Title 危険がいっぱいダミーがいっぱい
Romaji Title Kiken ga ippai, damii ga ippai
Air Date 1985 August 19
Writer Yumiko Tsukamoto (script)
Tetsurō Amino (storyboard)
Yukihiro Shino (production)
Director Nobukazu Sakuma
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Criados' Heartbeat!
Love is Everything. Risk Your Life to Elope!!

Lots of Danger, Lots of Decoys (危険がいっぱいダミーがいっぱい Kiken ga ippai, damii ga ippai?) is the sixth episode of the Dirty Pair television series.


A priceless prism is being delivered to Caine Galaxy. For safety, 20 different ships are being deployed, but only one of them has the actual gem. Kei and Yuri aren't sure if their cargo is real or not, but they must battle a group of pirates who intend to find out![1]


Act OneEdit

A top-secret "Mineral Prism" must be delivered to a distant research facility; the item would be quite a prize for marauding space pirates. To confuse the brigands, the Angels are among twenty teams serving as couriers, but only one ship is carrying the real Prism. Could the Lovely Angel be that ship? And why does Kei's childhood friend Kaia have to turn up now?!

Act TwoEdit


  1. Dirty Pair (Original Japanese Version), Season 1 on iTunes
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