This article lists references or homages to the Dirty Pair series in other popular culture such as television, film and video games.

Anime & MangaEdit

Dr. Slump Dirty Pair Poster

Dirty Pair poster in Dr. Slump

Patlabor-ova2-01-001Dirty Pair

Yuri and Kei fighting within a crowd in Patlabor.

  • In the 43rd chapter of the Dr. Slump manga titled Gatchan Goes for a Walk, a Dirty Pair poster with the light novel designs of Kei, Yuri and Mughi is seen in Senbei Norimaki's room.
  • They have a cameo appearance in Patlabor OVA episode 2.
  • Mai and Yui Kamishiro in Jushin Liger are a duo that have similar appearances and hair colors to Kei and Yuri.
  • In the universe of Hyper Doll, "Lovely Angels" was suggested as a new code name for the main characters Mew and Mica but it was "already taken".
  • The titular characters of Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt are another homage to the duo in Dirty Pair Flash.
  • In Space Dandy, the uniforms that the waitresses wear at the restaurant Boobies are a pink version of the uniforms that the Lovely Angels wore in the light novel and anime series.


Dirty Angels

The Dirty Angels from the Marvel universe

  • The comic series Danger Girls is a direct clone of the Dirty Pair series with the tagline saying "This work is dirty ...but this pair is up to it".
  • The Dirty Angels which are characters in Marvel Comics Excalibur series are a reference to the Dirty Pair.
  • A comic based on the video game Blade Kitten has an issue titled Dirty Angels.

Video GamesEdit

  • The Sega CD game Time Gal has a very similar style to the original anime series. The game's protagonist Reika also dresses just like them and has an appearance similar to Yuri.

Live Action TVEdit

Star TrekEdit


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