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Eek! The Boy in the Manor is a Terminator
Episode 25
Japanese Title ひええっ!洋館の坊やはターミネーター
Romaji Title hieetsu! yōkan no bōya ha tamineta
Air Date December 21, 1987
Writer Kazuhito Kikuchi
Director Norio Kashima
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Eek! The Boy in the Manor is a Terminator is the 25th episode of the Dirty Pair anime. It was originally intended to air on TV but didn't due to the series unpopularity making it cancelled on episode 24, it was instead later released as bonus OVA in the short series under the title Dirty Pair: From Lovely Angels with Love that was released alongside the first two episodes of the OVA series.


The Lovely Angels team up with Calico to bust Jobs Garou who is printing counterfeit money. When they arrive at his house, Yuri discovers a killer android modeled of Mack Garou, Jobs son who committed suicide six years ago when he was 27.


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