Dirty Pair (ダーティペア Dāti Pea?, also known as Original Dirty Pair) is a 1987 OVA series created by Studio Nue and Sunrise as a continuation of the television series of the same name.


Criminals of the universe beware – the Dirty Pair are back in action! It doesn't matter if you're the warden of an infamous prison, a robot that's literally armed to the teeth, or a snotty little kid who thought it'd be fun to hijack mankind's biggest space cannon. If Kei and Yuri get orders to bring you in, then these two Lovely Angels will use any combination of beauty, brains, and brute force to bring you to justice![1]


  1. Prison Uprising. We Hate People With Grudges!
  2. Count Us Out! Ultimate Halloween Party
  3. Challenge To The Gods! We're Not Afraid Of Your Divine Wrath
  4. They're Only Kids? Wargamers Must Die
  5. And Then No One Played
  6. What? A Surprise Seaside Wedding Panic
  7. Rigged Ring? Revenge Of The Muscle Lady
  8. This Girl Is My Elder! Sleeping Beauty
  9. Slaughter Squad! Red Eyed Hell Signal
  10. Evil Speaks For Itself! Space Truckers


World Welfare Works Association (WWWA)Edit

Lovely AngelsEdit

Karosu PrisonEdit




The anime was directed by Masayoshi Tanidabe with a screenplay by Yumiko Tsukamoto and character designs by Tsukasa Dokite.


Nozomi Entertainment currently hold the rights to English releases.


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