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Are You Serious? A Condo is a Dangerous Place to Live
Dirty Pair 24 Yuri Panties
Episode 24
Japanese Title かなりマジ? マンションは危険なアドレス
Romaji Title
Air Date December 26, 1985
Director Inoue Toshishige
Episode Guide
Something's Amiss...?! Our Elegant Revenge
Eek! The Boy in the Manor is a Terminator

Are You Serious? A Condo is a Dangerous Place to Live is the 24th episode of the Dirty Pair anime. It ended up being the last episode aired on TV because of the series cancellation making the last 2 episodes after it released as OVAs instead.


The Lovely Angels are assigned undercover work as a resident of a condo to track down a murderer who has been taking victims in the area.


  • This is the only episode to show nipples on bare female breasts which was in Yuri's shower scene at the beginning.
  • Yuri mentions that she currently has a boyfriend named Tony in this episode who gave her the pet bird they have.



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