Adam Warren (born 1967) is an American comic book illustrator and writer who is most famous for his adaptation of the Dirty Pair into comic book form and for being one of the first American commercial illustrators to draw using the manga style.

The first 3 series were written by Toren Smith and Adam Warren and drawn by Warren - after that Smith left the project and Warren took over writing completely. These stories have a much more cyberpunk style than the other versions; the later stories, starting with "Fatal but not Serious", move into the transhuman and posthuman subgenres.

  • Biohazards - 4 issues, December 1988 - April 1989 (trade paperback TPB, 1989; 1998, reissue)
  • Dangerous Acquaintances - 5 issues, June 1989 - March 1990 (TPB, 1991; 1997, reissue)
  • A Plague of Angels - 5 issues, August 1990 - November 1991 (TPB, 1994)
  • Sim Hell - 4 issues, May - August 1993; colorized reissue, May - August 2001 (TPB, 1994; 1996, 2nd edition; 2002, colorized reissue)
  • I Honestly Hate You - eight-page short story originally published in August 1994 in the (annual) San Diego ComicCon Comics, #3 (reprinted in 1998 Dark Horse Comics reprinted TPB of Biohazards)
  • Fatal But Not Serious - 5 issues, July - November 1995 (TPB, 1996)
  • Start the Violence - one-shot, May - July 1998 (TPB, 1999; also included in Run from the Future TPB)
  • Run From The Future - 4 issues, January - April 2000 (TPB, 2002)
  • A Big 'Merci Beaucoup'. - 6 single pages originally published May - August 2001 in the back of each colorized reissue of "Sim Hell", also in the back of the colorized "Sim Hell" TPB reissue (2002).

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